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c. 2012 outside, night, (full moon)

c.2012, inside, day, (sunshine)

cellar, corner

spare room, northfleet, kent

edge of site B, last house on south-west side, through trees

black, blue & white

black, red & white

Sophie Calle

ADAC: LEGO Porsche crash test, (2017)

Diane Arbus: Girl and Boy, (1965)

holding a piece of cardboard, june 2017

cellar series, june 2017

Joe Deal: Backyard, California, from Diamond Bar, (1980)

B: development and non-development

B: non land

B: yellow and green and wire fences

Ed Sheeran: Shape Of You

previously; site b, pan fail

previously; site b

previously; ground

last summer, on the beach

Ferrier Estate, (to become Kidbrooke Village)

Ferrier Estate, pre-demoliton (became Kidbrooke Village), London

Rodney Graham: Media Studies ’77, (2016)

Hilda I. Clayton: mortar shell explosion, 2013

Previously: site B, 2015

On the bus, 2015

John Divola Lecture

site B: sun

site B: recycling waste containers

site B: the last new house, south side

Previous; buckling room

Previous; fault-line, interior

non-land, site b, pan

new build home through trees, site b

tree, site b

ladder, site b

Paula Rego: Baying, 1994

Paula Rego: Sit, 1994

The Fence at Waddington

Anton Corbijn: Don van Vliet (Captain beefheart)

scared of one's own shadow

site a, fence (2013)

(previous), going out


Here's to you, Robert Heinecken


color mask

nice 'n easy

vase study #1

vase #2

New Builds